Sunday, June 13, 2010


With all the rain our internet radio that sits on our roof has shorted out. I'm posting this from the cell phone, but no house internet means no web browsing, no email, no TV and no house phone. It's amazing what we depend on with a single connection. On a positive note that means that I'm taking a couple minutes to post a couple bug related things that happened today. In church April noticed something on Kayson's head. She picked at it to see what it was and ended up with a headless bug wiggling in her hand. It was headless because it was a tick and the head was lodged in his scalp. Great. The second bug event happened when I was trying to figure out what was happening with our internet connection. I saw a fairly good sized spider with a red hourglass on it. I hate spider despite their markings and this one kept climbing up and down the web when I'd try to go after it. Luckily I had a can of compressed air, so I turned the can upside down and sprayed until it had icicles hanging from it. I knocked it to the ground and smashed it flat. Score 1 me, 0 spiders.