Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Logan's Home!

Yeah! We weren't expecting to bring him home for another couple of days, but this morning when the doctor came to look at him he said Logan was well enough to go home. He will be on a puree diet for at least two weeks until his next doctor appointment. His stomach is pretty tender, but as long as we hold him without putting our arm near the scar he seems pretty happy. He isn't sure about this puree diet. We had to hide any food sitting on the counter and we can't eat in front of him because he gets jealous and then mad if we don't offer him some. We are greatful that we can all be together in the same house again! Thanks again to everybody for all of your love and support!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Latest on Logan

Logan is still in the hospital recovering from his surgery. He was doing real well. He left the ICU earlier than expected and was handling liquids well. They decided to start him on solid foods last night. However, when he was eating his mac and cheese, he didn't chew good, so the pieces wouldn't go through the narrow opening of his stomach. He kept eating, but all he was doing is filling up his esophogus. When it was full, he of course started choking and couldn't breath. They had to suction him to pull the mac and cheese out. Afterwards they decided to do a broncoscopy to make sure he hadn't aspirated any and make sure they had removed all from his esophagus. They took him back to the PICU to watch him overnight and he's doing good enough this morning that they should be able to move him back to the regular floor. The doctors will have him on a puree diet at least until the swelling in his esophagus goes down. Any ideas on how to convince a 16-month old to chew better? Thanks for all of your support and love.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Update on Logan

Good news this evening. Logan is recovering well. He is still in a lot of pain and it is apparent that it is hard for him to get comfortable, but he was more alert today and even seemed happy a couple of times when he saw Mom and Dad. When the doctor made rounds this morning, she was very impressed with Logan's progress and said he could leave the PICU. We had to wait until this afternoon for a bed to open up, but he is in a regular room now. Besides allowing more space and privacy it is a lot more quiet and easier for Logan to relax. He still isn't allowed to eat or drink, so his mouth and tongue look really dry and sore. They use a sponge with a type of mouthwash on it to clean and moisten, but he really would like something to eat. Hopefully by tomorrow or Sunday his intestines will be working again and he can eat. I've already promised him a Quad-Cheese Ben Burger and a large shake from Burger Bar.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Logan's Surgery

Little Logan had surgery again today. Everything seems to be going well so far. He was originally scheduled for a broncoscopy, Nissen fundoplication and a tracheostomy. However, during the broncoscopy the ENT surgeon decided he may not need the tracheostomy at this time. So he had the Nissen fundoplication which should help with his gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). He also had a small cyst removed from behind his ear. He is now in the PICU and very groggy. He has an epidural so that his stomach won't hurt so bad. After a Nissen it is typical for the intestines to stop functioning properly, so he can't have any food or drink. He will be on an IV until the intestines are functioning properly. Once that occurs he will be released from the PICU. He'll be in a regular room for a few days after that probably. He can have visitors, but the hospital has given us a few guidelines. Only two people are allowed at the bed at a time and at least one must be the parent or grand parent. Give April or I a call if you'd like to visit. I'm sure that once he starts waking up, he'll love to see anyone who isn't wearing scrubs and carrying instruments. We are asked to keep cell phones off in the ICU, so if we don't answer leave a message and we'll call back. Thanks again for all of your prayers and support.