Monday, April 25, 2005

Chad's sister Crystal is currently serving in the Argentina Neuquen mission. Click on this picture for a larger view. On it you can see Neuquen near the bottom center and a little bit above it is Centenario, where she is now. This satelite image was supposedly taken within the last few days.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Big Announcement

Well, we were going to keep it a secret for another couple of weeks, but you know April and surprises… Several of you already know, so for those of you who don’t. We are going to have a new youngen! His due date is November 3. Yes I said “His.” No, his gender isn’t confirmed, but April wants a girl so bad that I have to give her a hard time.

We spent easter at Grandma's. Now this is my kind of bath!

We spent easter at Grandma's. On the big egg hunt.

We spent easter at Grandma's. Come here cow...

We spent easter at Grandma's. Here is a llama. I finally talked Trevor into getting close enough to pet it.