Saturday, January 15, 2005

Watching Bob the Builder before bed.

Mmmm. Waffles

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Are you awake? Jan 9, 2004

Wake up big brother! Jan 9, 2004

Jayden means business. Christmas 2004

Christmas Day 2004.

Bike ride. Christmas day 2004

Adventure at the bus stop. Mid December 2004.

Decorating the Christmas tree. November 2004.

Zonked. Mid November 2004

Grandpa and Maggie. No more comment needed... November 4, 2004

Four years old. November 4, 2004.

Cow and Dalmation. Halloween 2004

Slimey! Oct 2004

Great-Grandma and Logan. August 2004

August 2004

Monica, Jaydee and family. August 2004

Amy, Greg and family. August 2004

Dad's and babies. August, 1 2004

The three new cousins in blessing outfits. Daxton, Cora, and Logan.

Logan's blessing. July 4, 2004.

The four older cousins, Trevor, Brooke, Jacelynn and Jayden. Late June 2004

The three new cousins, Daxton, Cora and Logan. Late June 2004

Story time. Logan's first day home. June 3, 2004

June 3, 2004. We are finally going to bring Logan home from the hospital.

Trevor and Bo. Early May 2004

A hammer and dirt. Who could ask for more? Early May 2004

Trevor and Maggie May 2004.

Happy Birthday Elissa, 2004

Little Logan, one day old.

April's Garden. May 2003

Refreshing. May 2004

How relaxing. May 2004

Finally food that isn't forced through a tube!

Logan is born May 13, 2004. He's tiny but big brother is sure excited.

I found one!!! Brooke at Easter 2004

Wheeee... Easter time 2004

March 2004 at Great-Grandma's house

April gives Logan his first swing ride. March 2004

March 2004 at Great-Grandma's

Mid January 2004 in the Uintahs

Cozy in the snow cave.

First family picture of 2004.

Justin and Maggie, a couple of days after Christmas 2003

Trevor and Brooke Christmas 2003