Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Latest on Logan

Logan is still in the hospital recovering from his surgery. He was doing real well. He left the ICU earlier than expected and was handling liquids well. They decided to start him on solid foods last night. However, when he was eating his mac and cheese, he didn't chew good, so the pieces wouldn't go through the narrow opening of his stomach. He kept eating, but all he was doing is filling up his esophogus. When it was full, he of course started choking and couldn't breath. They had to suction him to pull the mac and cheese out. Afterwards they decided to do a broncoscopy to make sure he hadn't aspirated any and make sure they had removed all from his esophagus. They took him back to the PICU to watch him overnight and he's doing good enough this morning that they should be able to move him back to the regular floor. The doctors will have him on a puree diet at least until the swelling in his esophagus goes down. Any ideas on how to convince a 16-month old to chew better? Thanks for all of your support and love.