Monday, August 25, 2008

The Beauty

One of the best things about Oregon is the scenery. We woke up before the sun one day to look for shells on the beach. We didn't find many shells, but did get several good pics.

This little waterfall had to make a new path to the ocean every low tide.

Before and after sunrise.

Hopefully it won't take another 9 years for us to get back here.

So, I mentioned this to a few people, but I really am serious. The Welch family needs to plan a big trip somewhere before Landon leaves on his mission. Any ideas on where we should go? Carrie, what types of places will your new husband (with hairy legs) like to go to? Amy suggested Coral Pink; I'm gonna go ahead and nip that one right now. However, a house boat on Lake Powell might be fun (of course it would need really high railings and really high door knobs so us parents with small kids could sleep at night). We could get a beach house on the coast. Or if we saved up all our pennies we could go to Nauvoo. What does everyone think?


Carrie said...

Chad those pictures are amazing! Photography must run in the family!!
I would LOVE to go to Lake Powell, I live for it!! But no hairy legs with this sister sorry!! I agree with you we should for sure plan a trip! Beach house, resort in Mexico I down with anything that I wouldn't have to wear a jaacket or coat! :)
Hey I need to come see you guys let me know when it is good for you!

Dutch John Guymon said...

I'm for Hawaii

Crystal said...

I'm with you about Coral Pink...I don't think I would volunteer to go back there!! Other than it might be nice to actually see the place. All I remember about the place is the tent trailer. I don't know if I ever got out of the trailer! The Oregon coast would be awesome. Too bad they've changed the passport laws - Vancouver Island in Canada is amazingly beautiful. Or we could go to Forks, Washington and look for vegetarian vampires and gentle warewolves!

Carrie said...

LOL Crystal....I don't even know what to say to you other than Josh this guy who is training me at the spa (yes he is gay but whatever floats your boat I guess) a lady came in for a massage and told him that he looks just like a vampire off of the Stephanie Myers series and that her daughter would just "eat him up"! It was an awkward monment for both of us... :)

Amy N. said...

I am going to have to say no to a house boat unless the kids are ALL on leashes ALL the time. My 2 kiddos sleep walk and I am a nervous wreck anymore around water and lots of kids.

I like the idea of a beach though and Oregon sounds (looks) wonderful, and I am all for Forks too :)

Beautiful pictures Chad! I love the sunrise!

Chad Welch said...

Is Forks, WA from the Twilight books? I don't think I can go there. I joined HATTS (Husbands Against The Twilight Saga). I'm pretty sure that one of the bylaws is to never go where vampires are rumored to be.

Actually it looks very nice. It's about halfway between Olympic National Park and the Ocean. Of course it's 17 hours away, so that's probably 2 days driving each way. So far it seems the Pacific North West is our biggest choice (Anchorage anyone?)

Amy N. said...

You joined that?! The nerve! Yes Froks is where the vampires (and warewolfs) hang out.

Anchorage sounds GREAT too! I think we should all get matching t-shirts too!

Kirsten Knowles said...

I'm all for a church tour to Nauvoo maybe we could rent a bus & then it'd be like 'ole times only with a whole bunch of little kids! We could even sleep on the bus and save a few pennies. Just a thought