Friday, July 25, 2008

Trip to the Cemetary

On our way home from the camping trip we spent the night at Amy's/Grandma Nelson's. We should have planned better, because we missed the parade and rodeo by a day, but we had a lot of fun anyway. I decided to take a walk up to the cemetary to visit Grandpa Nelson's grave. All of the kids except Skyelynn and Audrey wanted to come with me and I was happy for the company.

As purdy as that hat looks, something tells me Grandpa wouldn't wear it.

On the way home, the kids decided they were done walking, so we crammed everyone into the wagon and dragged the bike behind us.


Crystal said...

Did any fall overboard or did you make it back with all of them - and the bike? Glad you didn't decide you didn't want to walk either! Then who would've pushed the wagon?

Amy N. said...

I am glad you gat a shot of that! So I didn't realize that was the hat you were talking about-that one was actually originally on Grandma Greats and there was a cowboy hat on Grandpa's

Chad Welch said...

I guess someone decided they liked Grandpa's hat. This one is staked to the ground so it's not blowing away soon.